Saturday, May 11, 2013

I've been busy...sorry

*Where have I been? Are there any readers left? I've noticed that I've lost a few. That's okay, I haven't really been here. It makes sense.
*I have been working at a job I love! I have been taking care of my grandbaby a few days a week. I ve been learning. I've been studying for a test. Once I pass I'm on my way to a job promotion! I'm pretty excited. I've needed to finish this schooling, for quite some time. No time like the present!
*The extra income will help us to reach our financial goals. I really want to pay off this mortgage. Buying a new car set us back a bit, but it was really needed. We plan to pay it in full, in a fraction of the time.
*So, you see I haven't had much time for the internet. {except for research and studying} I'll try to stop by more often. The last post was drafted in Dec 2012. I just saw it and published it. That's how long its been. Wow!
*I have become a Vegan. I've been a vegetarian and am now dairy free. It really saves on the grocery bill! There are a lot of Mason jars, in my pantry, full of beans and legumes. I have a freezer full of cooked beans and vegan meals. My garden veggies will be in the freezer really soon! I can make 5 days' worth of vegan dinners for just a couple of dollars. I feel amazing.
*I've also used a small greenhouse for the first time. I grew veggies all through the winter! It was amazing to go outside, sweep off some snow, and snip some lettuce for dinner!

That's free? Yes, I will have it.

My family likes to tease me endlessly. I'm okay with that.
They have many valid reasons, but today I'll tell you about my obsession with *free*.
If I go to the bank, and they have a dish of free lollipops, I take one. I currently have 10 lollipops in my car. I'll eat them eventually. They also give away the local newspaper. That sells for $.75 and I do actually read that one.
I subscribe to blogs, that scour the internet for freebies, and I request them. There's nothing like checking the mail, and finding a sample of shampoo or lotion. It's like Christmas and someone is sending me a gift! Yay! It's a win-win. I gets samples, and the post office makes a small profit. See? I'm helping the economy.
I don't clutter my home with freebies. I don't take random items at people's curbs, marked free. I only take freebies that I know I will use. So, what's the harm really? Honestly, I just think my family likes to tease me for sport. Ha ha.
Have a happy day.