Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time wasters

It is so easy to lose track of time. Mostly, I do that when online. Yikes!

Facebook, Pinterest, email, blogs, You tube etc. You could literally spend hours online! It's a challenge to get other tasks accomplished that way. Facebook has become what soap operas used to be to house wives! Seriously. I'm an addict! Pinterest and my favorite blogs as well.

As of this writing, I am putting myself on an Internet diet. I will spend a total of no more than 1 hour per day, online. That is a total for the entire day. Since I am still working part time, I have less time to complete my to-do lists. I will also scale down the amount of blogs that I follow. If I see another interesting blog, I will have to delete one to make room. This needs to happen.

Gotta go. I have less than 15 minutes left for the day. I want to use that later. Pinterest will be how I end my day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

fun website

Yes I, along with all of America, am in love with Pinterest. But, I also love this site, Fave Crafts. They email me daily with some really fun, and sometimes "green" crafts! I also just like to wander around there, just looking for things.

Today, I found
a link for a free e-book

It has some really cute ideas inside! I love to try and reuse items if I can. I'm not a hoarder, but I have been known to hang on to something for a while. If I just can't find a new use for it, it goes into the recycling bin.

Check it out, you might fine some really great idea!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Misc ramblings.....

My temporary, seasonal job has been extended indefinitely. That's good news for our budget. It's bad news for my sanity and health. I am exhausted! It's only a 20 or so hour per week job, but I still have all of my home duties. I'm still the carpool mom. I'm still the chief cook and bottle washer. My family has been amazing. When I work an all day shift, hubby will cook and the kids will do the dishes. I appreciate that. They just don't do other tasks like: laundry, grooming dogs, dusting, sweeping, clipping coupons, grocery shopping, ironing etc. When I work the evening shift, I clean all day and prepare dinner ahead of time. My family just needs to reheat.

I need a nap.


I went to Target yesterday, and I left with these items and spent $1.06!

How? oh so easy. There was a coupon, in the paper, for $5 off of any two frozen snack items. I found Taquitos and green bean fries on sale. I had a coupon for $1 off of a purchase of $1 or more of fruits. I also had one for $1 off veggies. I had a coupon for $1 off of 1 Morningstar item. I had a Target cpn for $1 off of Barilla pasta as well as a manufacturer cpn. {stacked them} I also had a store refund card in the amount of $7.37. So, I saved $18.98! My kiddos were pretty happy about the frozen foods, they don't get them very often.


This is the kale that I have been roasting into kale chips. You have to be very careful not to over cook them. They won't taste very good if they are brown. You want them to remain green, but with just a slight crunch.

I also am behind in my daily devotions. I barely have time to read the cooking directions on a box of dry pasta. I'm still looking for a new home church. I really need that fellowship time. I miss weekly Bible study groups. I miss ladies' retreat weekends.

I'm going to have to re prioritize. I need to find a way to take care of myself before I "crash and burn." I find myself still doing chores at 10:00 PM. And to top it off, I seem to have a touch of insomnia! Oh geez.