Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a simple day

I love these summer days. Nothing to do but relax. After I pull some weeds, of course! I am just sitting outside, watching my dogs chase squirrels and birds. Thankfully, they don't catch them.

Next, I'll take the kids to the park, drop off the vacuum for repair and then a few household chores. Then it's back to the hammock with a book and iced tea, before it's time to make dinner.

I love my happy, simple life!

On a different note, I have stopped participating in the 29 days of giving challenge. It became too much work and not very fun. I was really stressing about finding someone to give a gift to, instead of just spontaneously giving something away! I prefer the latter. It was still a good book to read, it just takes away from the fun of giving. {in my view}

Monday, June 21, 2010

scrapbooking...on a budget

I have put myself on a scrapbooking shopping diet! This is not an inexpensive hobby. I have donated LOTS of supplies to a children's hospital. I still have tons of stickers and paper. If you are a scrapbooker, you understand when I say that it's hard to resist a sale. So, I plan to use whatever paper, embellishments and stickers that I have, before I buy any more.

This is harder than I thought it would be. I was recently in the $ store and found myself heading that way. Then, I was in a hobby store and did what I always do- head straight for the clearance section to see what I could find. OOPS!

Well, it had been a couple of months and so far, so good! I did find a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby for scrapbooking albums, pages and protectors. I really need these supplies, so I was thrilled to find the sale. $70.00 worth of albums etc for $35 plus tax was a happy day for me.

I do go to a monthly crop and pay the crop fee. It's great to get out of the house. The hard part, is not to buy anything. I know that the consultant needs to make a profit, but I need to stay on budget and use what I have. What to do?

Now, off to crop.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After 3 days of rain and cool temps, it is nice to go outside and relax. Unfortunately, the rain brought with it... many weeds! I will relax after I save my gardens! This may take awhile!

I'm on day six of my 29 days of giving challenge. So far, so good. It does feel good to give!

As for savings this month, I am at $50.59 in coupons savings so far. Not too bad. I am keeping track of my coupons savings for the year. I am curious to see how much couponing really saves me. I'm at $459.93 so far for the year. I keep track of all coupons that I use. Grocery, retail, hobby stores and restaurants are some examples.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Big shopping trip today. I shop every two weeks, and only use cash. I'm really hoping to stay on budget. The first stop was the grocey store. I spent $123.60, after the coupons {$18.50} were deducted. This total also includes the $15.00 gift card I purchased for my nieces b-day. I forgot to take a pic of the grocery store purchases. What you see are the warehouse and natural foods purchases.

Then to the warehouse store and natural foods market. I spent $34.57 and $38.11. So, the total of $196.28 was just below the $200.00 I had with me. Not too bad. Since I had a surplus, I donated $2.00 to the natural market's charity. So really, $198.28 was the total.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

read this book!

29 Gifts by Cami Walker
This book is amazing! If you haven't read this book, please do so soon! The author's story is so enlightening and her message is inspiring. I am going to start my 29 days of giving today! I do not plan to document my giving on her website, as I prefer to give for myself and not others. I may keep a journal of my giving.

Potato plants! Since this is my first time to grow potatoes, I'm not really sure how big they should/will get. Time to do some research on them. Just don't look at the weeds, garden weeding day is today.
Everything else is coming up pretty well except for my basil. I really love to cook with it, so I may need to go and get an established plant, before it's too late! I can't wait to go into the garden and pick dinner, then go inside and prepare it!

On a different note, I am having to go clothes shopping. Since losing weight, many clothes just aren't fitting me. Not a bad problem to have, I know. {My size 9/10 pants don't fit my new 3/4 body.} It's just the price of replacing as well as the fact that I love lots of my clothes! I always shop at thrift stores, {excluding socks, undergarments and shoes} so the price wont be too bad. I just don't like to spend it, when I'm trying to save. Also Ive heard that it's not a good idea to keep your "fat clothes" around after weight loss.

Friday, June 4, 2010

to do today

I just finished spraying 4 gallons of vinegar on the weeds. I bought a really cool sprayer for half off. It came with weed killer, but I won't use that. All I need is a really hot day and some vinegar. Those weeds will be gone tomorrow! Yes, the yard smells weird, but it's better than the smell of chemicals, plus I can let the dogs out after it dries with NO WORRIES!

Next I am cutting down an elm hedge. 11 years ago, when I planted these baby bushes, I had no idea that they are classified as weeds! Well after dealing with the elm bugs all these years, and fighting to keep it alive...I give up! So, I won't have as much privacy, but I will have less to to take care of and get some firewood.

The budget for May was blown a bit, so this month I really need to keep an eye on things! I believe it's time to get back to using envelopes instead of the ole debit card! Time for some creative cooking. What's in the pantry? Do I really need to go to the store? We will hit the flea market soon, for the items I'm looking for, instead of going to Walmart. We really need to get on track so we can eliminate this darn mortgage!