Friday, June 4, 2010

to do today

I just finished spraying 4 gallons of vinegar on the weeds. I bought a really cool sprayer for half off. It came with weed killer, but I won't use that. All I need is a really hot day and some vinegar. Those weeds will be gone tomorrow! Yes, the yard smells weird, but it's better than the smell of chemicals, plus I can let the dogs out after it dries with NO WORRIES!

Next I am cutting down an elm hedge. 11 years ago, when I planted these baby bushes, I had no idea that they are classified as weeds! Well after dealing with the elm bugs all these years, and fighting to keep it alive...I give up! So, I won't have as much privacy, but I will have less to to take care of and get some firewood.

The budget for May was blown a bit, so this month I really need to keep an eye on things! I believe it's time to get back to using envelopes instead of the ole debit card! Time for some creative cooking. What's in the pantry? Do I really need to go to the store? We will hit the flea market soon, for the items I'm looking for, instead of going to Walmart. We really need to get on track so we can eliminate this darn mortgage!

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