Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back on track...

We are empty nesters. We went a little crazy with our spending. We are now back on track.

It happens to most people. You no longer have many children to finance, so you eat out more. Spend recklessly at the grocery store. Go to movies and museums. It's just money, we'll make more.

Then your grown children are in financial trouble. Of course you help them. Good bye savings account. So long IRA. Time to start back at the beginning. Time to get real.

I went to the grocery store and brought home $52 worth of groceries.($52 after the store loyalty card deductions) We use a store Visa card for the cash back rewards. We use it for most purchases, and pay it off every month. That hasn't changed, I still have my frugal mind. It's back there coming into the light! haha

Anyway, after using paper coupons, ecoupons and the cash back rewards, I ended up spending $9 for the groceries. I'm so very excited. I have made my 2 week menu plan and have all ingredients necessary. We can do this. We can rebuild savings.

I will, hopefully, use this blog once again to hold myself accountable. We still have a mortgage and hubby recently purchased a new car, so accountability will look like this: Pay off mortgage and car, rebuild savings and lost IRA before penalties kick in. Ready...set...GO!