Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk? Sometimes, I have to keep reminding my self to stay the course.

As a self proclaimed frugal mama, I remind my family to use coupons and find the lowest price for every possible purchase. I have a blog, where I normally journal my daily frugal walk. I clip coupons like most people change t.v. channels. Yesterday, I chased a Catalina register coupon down the sidewalk. {it was windy and it ended up being a VERY good coupon-$1 off any purchase at the grocery. Feel sorry for the person that dropped it!} I have a budget, I keep track off ALL money spent and enter it into a database. I have goals. I keep track of all of the coupons that I use.

Yesterday we received a check in the mail from the mortgage company. We over paid the escrow account. It is found money.

I should have said, "Yes! Let's put it towards debt!" My first thought? Let's go shopping.

I still have work to do.

Shame on me. {I did take it straight to the bank, though!}

Monday, March 21, 2011

great bargains, that I just found...

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Friday, March 18, 2011

my Walgreens bargains

I'm fairly new to the wonders that are Walgreens bargains. I've been reading many blogs and finding out this is a great way to get stuff fairly cheap. So, I consulted my weekly circular and my coupons and off I went to test this theory out.

On my first trip, I bought this:

The retail value of these items was $42.64. After Walgreens coupons and manufacturer coupons, I spent 14.65. After check out, I received $8.00 worth of Register Rewards to be used on my next shopping trip.

So, two days later, I went back and bought this:

The retail value was $46.27. After Walgreens coups, manufacturer coups and my $8 worth of register Rewards, I paid $7.46.
I discovered that you cannot get more Register Rewards if you are using RR during the current transaction. Maybe next time I'll save the RR for items that I don't have a coupons for. Maybe.
So overall my thoughts on Walgreens deals? AMAZING!!! I bought $88.91 worth of product for $14.11!!!!
My guys will be thrilled, since they normally get cheapo body wash from the dollar store. {deoderant as well}
I love the little air fresheners, so getting 12 of them for $1.46 made me very happy. {I know, they aren't "green", I'm sorry. I just like a nice smell when I walk in the door!}

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's hard to live a frugal life with friends...sometimes

Excuse me a moment while my blog becomes a place for me to complain a little bit. I can't speak freely to these friends, and this is an anonymous blog so........

We have a couple of friends that are financially insane! They are constantly "harassing" us to spend our hard earned dollars. They are both always going after the latest and greatest "get rich quick scheme". They are both struggling financially and never have money, but always want us to invest in the "next big thing". They use phrases like; "get in on the ground floor", "don't miss this opportunity", "it's going viral" and "would I lie to you?" Seriously.

One guy even wanted us to put our home up to finance his latest quest. What was the quest? Paying a guys bail/bond and then when released, the guy would pay us back with interest {and the friend would get a cut}. Ummmm, no! A) why are you hanging out with a guy like that and B) why would a "friend" ask us to put up our home to get a guy out of jail? Why would we put our family at risk for such a thing? {the so called friend is so in debt and his credit is so bad that he can't buy a home, so that's why he volunteered us} I can't believe that this friend was mad at us because we wouldn't go along with that. It's time to grow up and get a real job, buddy! {he's 45, married, 2 kids and his mom sends him monthly checks to pay his bills. She's going to have to work until she dies to support her grown son}

The other "friend" always wants us to buy into his latest, greatest "pyramid scheme". We are constantly coming up with creative ways to say no thank you.

Neither of these friends know each other. Neither friend realizes that they are ruining our friendships. Neither friend really cares. Too bad.

Thanks, I feel better now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hubby just doesn't get it sometimes!

{Colorado Springs, Co}

I was recently gifted a new laptop. It isn't the newest model, but I love it!

Here's the dilemma. I need something to carry it around. A way to protect it. My plan to to keep searching thrift stores and yard sales until I find what I'm looking for.

My hubby says to just go buy a protector for it and a shoulder bag. Well, that would cost over $100! That's just plain crazy. Why spend $100+ for things for a free computer? I have a nice messenger bag that I'm using now. Why can't that work?

Why should I spend money on all of these accessories? {he also suggests that I buy a car charger and a laptop table with fan} Do I need these things? I don't think so. I can charge it at home, or the library. {where I use the free wifi}

Which brings us to why we don't get wifi at home. Another added expense. I can very easily use wifi at the library or McDonald's etc, and not add another monthly bill to our finances.

He says I'm far too practical.

I think I'm far too smart, and don't like to pay for what I can get for free or for a reduced price.

No matter how hard I try, he will never get it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I just don't want to be in debt forever!!!

My hubby recently took me to see this great financial guru. He was on the local radio and can help us refinance our home. {do we even need to refinance?} So, being the good wife, I went.

I really wanted to yell at this guy. He spent the entire meeting putting a negative spin on all that I believe in. {financially speaking} He says that debt is good! You cannot get a tax break on your mortgage, if you don't have a mortgage. Seriously! He wanted us to refinance at a 30 year rate and get a big wad of cash back. {to keep our balance owed high!} ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Ironically, Dave Ramsey spoke about this yesterday. If only hubby was in the car at the time. Dave basically said- why would you spend $10,000 on debt to receive a $2,500 tax break? You can be debt free, donate $10,000 to charity and still receive a $2,500 tax break.

I'm with ya, Dave! It's amazing that a guy on a radio can, pretty much, brain wash normally intelligent people into believing that debt is good. So glad Dave is there to balance out the stupidity! ☺

Friday, March 4, 2011

Grocery trip

I was a little bit over budget, on groceries, last month. This month I will keep a better eye on the amount that I spend. I generally only use cash for groceries, but have been known to whip out the ole debit card if I go over. Shame on me.

So, with a $400 budget, I spent this so far:

Today I went to the health store, Dollar Tree, Walmart and the grocery store

After coupons, e-coupons and store loyalty cards, the total amount was $134.55 {savings- $13.44 in coupons, $1.75 in e-coupons and $12.47 in loyalty card savings, for a total of $27.66}

I also bought some take-out egg drop soup for dinner, but that will go into the dining out budget column. {amazing restaurant...so yummy and cheap!}

This leaves $265.45 left for the month. I planned menus and bought enough for 2 weeks, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Oh, and I'll leave the debit card at home. ☺