Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I just don't want to be in debt forever!!!

My hubby recently took me to see this great financial guru. He was on the local radio and can help us refinance our home. {do we even need to refinance?} So, being the good wife, I went.

I really wanted to yell at this guy. He spent the entire meeting putting a negative spin on all that I believe in. {financially speaking} He says that debt is good! You cannot get a tax break on your mortgage, if you don't have a mortgage. Seriously! He wanted us to refinance at a 30 year rate and get a big wad of cash back. {to keep our balance owed high!} ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Ironically, Dave Ramsey spoke about this yesterday. If only hubby was in the car at the time. Dave basically said- why would you spend $10,000 on debt to receive a $2,500 tax break? You can be debt free, donate $10,000 to charity and still receive a $2,500 tax break.

I'm with ya, Dave! It's amazing that a guy on a radio can, pretty much, brain wash normally intelligent people into believing that debt is good. So glad Dave is there to balance out the stupidity! ☺

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