Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I coupon

I started clipping coupons way before it was the cool thing to do. My family would tease me to no end. I was, and still am okay with that!

I might spend a couple of hours, per month, clipping coupons and checking sales flyers. The pay off is so very worth the time spent.

I also "buy" coupons from Ebay. I watch for coupons on items I use quite often buy extras, and stock up. The most recent example is Yakisoba. My family loves those things! At $1.29 each, I'm not always a fan. So, I bought 20 coupons for $2.00, and waited for the sale. (I've noticed they go on sale soon after the coupon comes out) They are now on sale for $1.09. I'm saving $1.00 per box, then add in the $.10 to buy the coupon, and I'm now spending $0.19 per box of Yakisoba. A much better deal.

I will never be an "extreme couponer", I just dont have a desire to hoard groceries. I do love a good deal, and love to save money. I just don't want to be obsessive.

This week, I bought $302.00 worth of groceries. (2-3 weeks worth) I spent $249.00, meaning my clipped coupons saved me $53.00. (I didn't calculate the actual original price, the price shown is after store card reductions) I'm okay with this amount, it's right at budget.

I once tried to be the crazy coupon lady, but found it to be too stressful. I like how it is now.

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Year round veggie gardening!!!

With the hot, dry, garden killing summer I was pretty sad about the very small harvest. I did go to the farmers market so we have some veggies in the freezer, but it just isn't the same. Besides paying for food I normally grow for free,(we have an irrigation well to water, so we just pay for seeds) I miss the actual ritual of the harvest.
. It is just so satisfying to pick and pull up the food that you have grown. I have a special basket just for this purpose. Nothing else ever goes into this basket. It sits all year, in silent anticipation, waiting for it's turn to be used. I like to take pictures of the days haul. Pretty pictures with carrot tops and herbs falling over the top of the basket. *sigh*
. The hardest part of watching your veggies wither and die? The fact that most of them were grown from seed, right here in my kitchen. Lovingly watered, talked to and fed. *another sigh*
. Well, enter loving hubby! I just finished with a new book by Niki Jabbour called The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener. Wow! I loved it! So full of info and beautiful photos. My sweet hubby has decided to build a cold frame for me. The book has all of the instructions. He's been researching frugal ways to accomplish this. I'm so proud! This is the right time to plant a fall garden, but we are expecting snow this weekend, so he'd better get a move on! Ha ha.
. Have a happy day!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all

In the past 4 months, I have:
*Bought a new car...I know, not very frugal, and Dave Ramsey would say not to buy it...but...I plan to have it paid off in one year. So far, we have paid $5900 towards the balance. Not too shabby! And I LOVE it! My first brand new car. Yay!!!
*Learned a new craft. I am making gifts for my kids, for Christmas. Can't say what the craft is, or the gift just yet!
*A brand new family member. I'm a grandma!!!! My son and daughter in law are amazing parents!
*Not really stayed on budget, but we are getting back on track.
*Went on our first family vacation in 10 years!!! Fully funded by savings, no debt!
*Survived the hottest, driest Spring/Summer on record. My garden, however did not. I had a very small harvest. I just planted some seeds hoping to have a fall harvest. *fingers crossed*.
*Taught my kids the joys of couponing...again, and they are finally getting involved! Yay! My dil saved $40 on her first grocery shopping trip.
*Have a happy day.