Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I coupon

I started clipping coupons way before it was the cool thing to do. My family would tease me to no end. I was, and still am okay with that!

I might spend a couple of hours, per month, clipping coupons and checking sales flyers. The pay off is so very worth the time spent.

I also "buy" coupons from Ebay. I watch for coupons on items I use quite often buy extras, and stock up. The most recent example is Yakisoba. My family loves those things! At $1.29 each, I'm not always a fan. So, I bought 20 coupons for $2.00, and waited for the sale. (I've noticed they go on sale soon after the coupon comes out) They are now on sale for $1.09. I'm saving $1.00 per box, then add in the $.10 to buy the coupon, and I'm now spending $0.19 per box of Yakisoba. A much better deal.

I will never be an "extreme couponer", I just dont have a desire to hoard groceries. I do love a good deal, and love to save money. I just don't want to be obsessive.

This week, I bought $302.00 worth of groceries. (2-3 weeks worth) I spent $249.00, meaning my clipped coupons saved me $53.00. (I didn't calculate the actual original price, the price shown is after store card reductions) I'm okay with this amount, it's right at budget.

I once tried to be the crazy coupon lady, but found it to be too stressful. I like how it is now.

Have a happy day!

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