Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Year round veggie gardening!!!

With the hot, dry, garden killing summer I was pretty sad about the very small harvest. I did go to the farmers market so we have some veggies in the freezer, but it just isn't the same. Besides paying for food I normally grow for free,(we have an irrigation well to water, so we just pay for seeds) I miss the actual ritual of the harvest.
. It is just so satisfying to pick and pull up the food that you have grown. I have a special basket just for this purpose. Nothing else ever goes into this basket. It sits all year, in silent anticipation, waiting for it's turn to be used. I like to take pictures of the days haul. Pretty pictures with carrot tops and herbs falling over the top of the basket. *sigh*
. The hardest part of watching your veggies wither and die? The fact that most of them were grown from seed, right here in my kitchen. Lovingly watered, talked to and fed. *another sigh*
. Well, enter loving hubby! I just finished with a new book by Niki Jabbour called The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener. Wow! I loved it! So full of info and beautiful photos. My sweet hubby has decided to build a cold frame for me. The book has all of the instructions. He's been researching frugal ways to accomplish this. I'm so proud! This is the right time to plant a fall garden, but we are expecting snow this weekend, so he'd better get a move on! Ha ha.
. Have a happy day!


  1. We tried a cold frame but I don't think our construction was solid enough. Fail. Let me know how yours works out. By the way, I'm the same Julie who wrote "Girl Savor Life". I just started a new adventure. Wasn't sure if you'd made that connection.

  2. Oh, I did make the connection! I remember when you switched blogs. You're up in them there hills, right? Ha ha. My hubby decided to try redwood. His research showed it is the most rot resistant. I said as long as it's not treated with chemicals, use whatever wood you'd like. He's also looking at the wood processed stuff. Can't remember the name right now, but it's recycled wood that looks like plastic or vinyl? People use it to make decks? Oh geez. Itll come to me later. :-)