Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk? Sometimes, I have to keep reminding my self to stay the course.

As a self proclaimed frugal mama, I remind my family to use coupons and find the lowest price for every possible purchase. I have a blog, where I normally journal my daily frugal walk. I clip coupons like most people change t.v. channels. Yesterday, I chased a Catalina register coupon down the sidewalk. {it was windy and it ended up being a VERY good coupon-$1 off any purchase at the grocery. Feel sorry for the person that dropped it!} I have a budget, I keep track off ALL money spent and enter it into a database. I have goals. I keep track of all of the coupons that I use.

Yesterday we received a check in the mail from the mortgage company. We over paid the escrow account. It is found money.

I should have said, "Yes! Let's put it towards debt!" My first thought? Let's go shopping.

I still have work to do.

Shame on me. {I did take it straight to the bank, though!}


  1. It's a hard walk we mama's have to make sometimes. I often find myself on the brink of giving up on working to be so frugal. Just this last week, I allowed myself to buy some of the smell good shampoo, the kind that's not so good for your hair, because I was just tired of using the no-poo method (that was working by the way) and now I have to start all over....But it's nice to allow yourselves things like that every now and then as long as you keep your eye on the goal, which is honoring the Lord and being debt free!

    Blessings to you,

  2. It's a tough road to walk sometimes! At least you caught yourself before you went shopping. Then you would suffer through buyers remorse. You did just fine. Be proud! God bless

  3. Sara, thanks for the encouragement! It can be challenging sometimes, staying frugal. Debt free is the goal. I'll just have to keep praying for strength.

  4. Linda, thanks so much! I need all of the support that I can get sometimes! Haha. I was planning Togo to the thrift store to shop......but still...must stay on track....

  5. By any chance, do you live in the Colorado Springs area? I think I've caught a few clues (including what appears to be Pikes Peak as your icon). If so, have you ever heard of FrontRangeTradingPost.com ? It's a barter/trade-only group that meets every 2 weeks to trade goods. Since you're frugal and like to save money where you can, maybe you'd be interested? (if you're in COS, that is ..) Anyway, if you're on twitter, you can follow them at @frtradingpost. That's where I found out about it ..

  6. Actions speak louder than ... the urge to shop. :)

  7. @elaynne- I live closer to Denver actually. We recently took a day trip to the Springs and shop some great pics! I wonder if there's a group like tht here in town? It sounds awesome!!!! I normally put stuff at my curb. It goes fast!

    Devon- well said!!!

    Thanks for the comments! ☺