Saturday, April 2, 2011

such great deals!

I have found some wonderful deals this week. I recently discovered combining manufacturer coupons with store coupons, and put it to the test this week!

At Target, they have Purex Crystals fabric softener on sale for $2.99. I printed a $1 off coupon from the Target website, and combined that with a $2 off coupon from my stash. I was able to print 2 coupons from the Target website and had 2 coupons in my coupon binder, so I got 2 free fabric softeners. Yay!

Target also had some items in their travel/trial section that I was able to get free with my $1 off coupons. Examples: men's lotions, men's deodorant, woman's deodorant and band aids. I just searched my coupons for any that didn't have a size printed on it. Some of the coupons actually say "not good on trial size" and I wasn't able to use any of those. {too bad, since they had Dove and Suave body wash that I could have gotten for free}

I also used a manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon to get great deals on Pantene shampoo and conditioner {sale $3.59 minus 1.00 cpn and .50 cpn= $2 each} and also 1 Cover Girl lipstick.{$5.99 minus $1 cpn and $1 cpn= 3.99}

I also recently discovered buying coupons on Ebay. I bought 20 $0.50 off of 1 Yakisoba. My grocery has Yakisoba for $0.99 this week. I have made a few trips and plan to go back, to use them all before Tuesday. {you can only use 3 coupons at a time, in my grocery. Bummer.} That's 20 FREE Yakisoba noodles! I spent $2.00 to buy the coupons, so I'm really getting 18 for free. That should last my kiddo for a while.

The grocery also had Pure Protein bars for $1 and I had 2 $1 off of 1 coupons. Whoo! 2 free protein bars for hubby!

The best one of the day is this: I walked into the grocery, and they had the small clam shell boxes with 7 large bakery cookies for $1. Well, I can bake them cheaper, so I started to walk on by. Something caught my eye. What's that? The large box of 48 bakery fresh cookies, that should be priced $5.99, has the wrong sticker on it? Is this an April Fool's joke a day late? I checked the label again. Sure enough, the $1.00 label is on the $5.99 box of cookies. Hmmmm.....not a bad price for 48 cookies. Should I get it? Yep, I did. They let me have it at that price. It was their error and I am so lucky. {very nice people} These cookies will freeze very well. Yum.

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