Friday, March 18, 2011

my Walgreens bargains

I'm fairly new to the wonders that are Walgreens bargains. I've been reading many blogs and finding out this is a great way to get stuff fairly cheap. So, I consulted my weekly circular and my coupons and off I went to test this theory out.

On my first trip, I bought this:

The retail value of these items was $42.64. After Walgreens coupons and manufacturer coupons, I spent 14.65. After check out, I received $8.00 worth of Register Rewards to be used on my next shopping trip.

So, two days later, I went back and bought this:

The retail value was $46.27. After Walgreens coups, manufacturer coups and my $8 worth of register Rewards, I paid $7.46.
I discovered that you cannot get more Register Rewards if you are using RR during the current transaction. Maybe next time I'll save the RR for items that I don't have a coupons for. Maybe.
So overall my thoughts on Walgreens deals? AMAZING!!! I bought $88.91 worth of product for $14.11!!!!
My guys will be thrilled, since they normally get cheapo body wash from the dollar store. {deoderant as well}
I love the little air fresheners, so getting 12 of them for $1.46 made me very happy. {I know, they aren't "green", I'm sorry. I just like a nice smell when I walk in the door!}

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