Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, I'm adding up my spending so far this month. I am over in some categories.{uh oh}
*The home and pet budgets were blown due to a dog needing emergency care, and some repairs done on the house. Oh well.
*I went a bit over on clothing as well, but it is school clothes shopping time!{I usually budget $25 for the month, and have spent $174, $50 of it at Goodwill}
*I am only over $1.10 in my hobby column! I'm so happy with that one. {I am an addicted scrapbooker, it can be expensive!}
*I went $64.65 over on groceries. In the grocery column, I include dollar store purchases, vitamins, all purchases at the health food stores {we have food allergies}, Sams Club and of course the grocery store. I have been known to blow this one by $100-$200, so $47 isn't too bad!
*There wasn't any school spending nor we did we spend any on entertainment, so that should help balance out the grocery overage.

Now, I realize that we still have another 5 days in the month, but I don't plan to do any other spending.

Grocery shopping this week:

*grocery- spent $118.19, coupons used- $16.25
*health food store- spent-$42.20, coupons- $2.00
*$ store- spent $23.45
*Sams Club- spent $50.11

Total- $233.95

My budget for my 2 week shopping trip is $300.00. I went over two weeks ago, so that's why I'm over for the month. {I bought some canning supplies last time!}

*For July: grocery budgeted- $600.00, spent so far- $647.65

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