Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new freezer

Well, we did it. We bought a freezer. It's actually quite nice. It stands and looks like a tiny fridge! We miss so many opportunities to stock up on meat and veggies, simply because we have no where to store the haul! Also, now that I'm in full-on freeze fruit and veggies mode, this will really help.

Our fridge/freezer is a standard size, which means that the freezer space isn't as big as you might need it to be.

I just went on a frozen veggie shopping spree. The frozen veggie bags are normally $2.39 each, but the sale {ending today} has them for $1.00 each. {Hubby likes to use them in his lunches and they are still cheaper than buying fresh at $1 per bag!} I just went in there and filled my cart with 20 bags of frozen veggies. {yes, I emptied the shelves, sorry} This will really help the ole budget.

We actually applied for a store credit card to take advantage of the 10% off your first purchase deal, for the freezer. I really don't like credit cards, but I agreed that this was a great deal, as we also needed a screen door and love the discount for both! We will pay it off within the 90 days allowed, accrue no interest and enjoy our summer harvest long into the winter!

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