Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to declutter...again

It's so easy to let things pile up, and so hard to let them go! My family LOVES to have "stuff". It drives me nuts. The clutter and mess actually makes me uneasy. I can easily say it puts me in a bad mood. I just like tidiness and order. No, I'm not fanatical about it, I just like to walk into a room and know where everything is. I also do not like to dust. This is a problem when you have lots of stuff!

In the last year and a half, we have taken down and emptied 3 old metal sheds. We built a new one. It did not take long to fill up. Dang. We made about 4 trips to the thrift store, put countless items at the curb, had a yard sale and donated 2 truck loads to a local church for their yard sale. We had that much stuff! There is still so much I'd like to see go far away!

So I pledge, for the rest of the year, to donate or toss one thing per day. That's 64 items. {counting today} Today, I will donate a pair of shoes. I bought them years ago, and wore them maybe twice. They are in excellent condition. They will find a new home.