Wednesday, December 29, 2010

reusing jars...

Here at the Happy, Simple Life home we do a lot of recycling and reusing. I have been known to go through kids' trash cans to remove recycleable materials. It is just too difficult to take that soda can to the mud room and place it into a recycle tub. I ask too much of my children! =)

We send all that we can to the recycle center. We save the plastic tubs and jars for the food bank. They reuse them to distribute bulk foods to their clients.

As for glass jars, and some plastic ones, those find many new homes around here.

I use them for everything from scrapbooking supplies to nuts, candy and bulk tea. I just love how pretty they look sitting on a shelf. The best part is that you know exactly what's inside.
I also like to put a small candle inside of a glass jar. The light that comes from it is so pretty and makes my kitchen look "homey"!
I am also saving baby food jars for a craft project. Then I found this lotion recipe. I was thinking of making that for a Mother's Day gift for my friends and family. I normally just make cards, but thought this would be a nice frugal gift!


  1. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who reuses jars! My favorite is bullion jars! They are also perfect for the lotion. I hope you enjoy making the lotion!

  2. Oh yes, I have bouillon jars as well. I have homemade taco mix and ranch mix in a couple of them. Wow, they would be great for the lotion! The lids are already colored! Thanks!!