Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I messed up...

I went to get some groceries today and to run errands. Well, next to one of the stores is a Mardel Christian store. I went in "just to browse". That "browsing" made my checkbook $42.00 lighter! Dang. Stupid 90% off Christmas sales!

What did I get?
For 90% off:
1 Veggie Tales Christmas DVD- $0.99
6 books- $1.00 each {actually more than 90% off. Some were $16.99 and higher}
3 Christmas statues/decor- $2.22, $0.99, $1.99
for 50% off:
1 t-shirt- $9.99
1 mens's t-shirt $12.99
The shirts will be gifts as well as 2 Christmas statues. The books, DVD, and light up Nativity were for us. In all, I saved $117, if I paid retail for the items. {which I never would have, but it makes me feel better to note that}
I will stay away from after Christmas sales.....I will stay away from after Christmas sales....

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  1. Don't beat yourself up over this! It happens! Seems like you found some really great deals. I have been shopping as well, and have gone over board too! :o)