Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm keeping my eye on you, Walmart!

Out of ink, and it's too far to the nearest ink refill store. {one is opening closer to me!} So, I went to Walmart to fetch some ink cartridges. I found these:

You can buy one black cartridge for $9.97 and one color cartridge for $17.97. Okay, so the total is $27.94.

Next to this display, you will find the combo pack of 1 color and 1 black cartridge. "special buy combo pack!" I'm always one for a bargain, so I put the individual boxes back on the rack. Wait a minute. Get out my calculator...for $27.97 I can get a combo pack, but for $27.94 I can buy each individually? Walmart, you sly fox! You tried to pull a fast one on me! You want me to spend $0.03 more to get your "special combo pack"? Really? That's not a savings AT ALL!

That's why I always carry a calculator.

Sorry Walmart, I do pay attention! {and I want to keep my three cents, thankyouverymuch!} he he


  1. Grrrr-- that's like some of those big-box, warehouse stores that sell big packages or multiple packages. It seems like it should be a good deal, but you really do have to add things up and look at the price per unit. I guess it must work?

  2. Oh and I'm sure that I was a victim many times!!! he he