Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January wrap up

I think if I really want to achieve the goals that I set for myself, then I should probably hold myself accountable for them.

So far for the year:

*working out 20 minutes per day- not doing as well as I initially hoped, mostly every other day.

*20 minute devos everyday- I am reading the one year Bible plan. Although I must confess to not reading every day. I sometimes do 2 readings the next day. which leads me to:

*reading the Bible in a year- as previously stated, I'm not getting my reading done daily, but I am keeping up with the plan.

*gardening- well, it's below freezing today. Not much happening there! ;0)

*hanging with friends- I have 2 "mommy play dates" this next week. Yay! Seeing friends is awesome!

*debt repayment- well, we had some major financial blows this month. Darn furnace. Stupid radiator! I didn't get as much in savings, IRA's, extra mortgage payments or student loans. There's always next month!

*grocery bill- I did go a bit over on this. I found some great stock pile bargains.

*cooking all meals- did pretty well here. We did get take out once and went to a sit down restaurant once. We did go a bit over the budget here as well.


  1. We've been eating out once a week. It usually doesn't cost much ($15-$20)but there won't be anymore of that! Gotta trim every where I can.

  2. We all can't be perfect with our goals! I had hoped to lose 5 pounds by February. I've lost 2. Just keep up the good work. You are correct when you say there is always next month!

  3. Thanks, Linda! I appreciate the support.