Saturday, February 5, 2011

This weeks deals and a new discovery

This wasn't a big grocery shopping week. I just needed a few things at a couple of stores. I did save about 49% off of the total spent with my lovely coupons.

My new discovery? Ecoupons. I loaded them right onto my loyalty card. No, that's not new. The new part is that they WILL combine with paper manufacturer coupons! Yay!

So I bought:

2 bottles of Tag body spray, regular price 2/$8.74. After my bogo coupon and $2 off ecoupon, my price was 2/$2.37! I'd much rather spend $1.18 for a can of body spray, than $4.37. My kid swims in it sometimes!

I bought a bottle of lotion: reg price $2.39; after loyalty card savings, paper coupon and ecoupon, I spent $0.89.

Select Harvest soup: $3.00 per can, after card savings, paper coupon and ecoupon- $1.50 per can.

Coconut milk: reg price $2.35, after loyalty card and coupon- $.69 each.

Celestial Seasonings tea: reg price $2.99, after card and coupons- $1.49 each

Free items: 1-18 ounce jar of peanut butter, 1 bag frozen veggies.

Now that I know that the store will combine the ecoupons with paper coupons, I will start adding more to my card! I also discovered that the health food store has no limit on the amount of coupons that you can use per item! {the grocery store only allows 3 per item per trip} I plan to print more coconut milk coupons and head back to the health food store. I'm also going to compare my ecoupon list to my paper coupons and make a return visit to the grocery store! Yay me! ☺

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