Friday, June 24, 2011

Grocery shopping

Today, I went grocery shopping. I took about an hour clipping coupons and making my list. I planned to visit 2 grocery stores, 1 health food store, 1 dollar store and 1 drugstore. The reason that I shop at more than one store is simple, I save money that way.

The first grocery store is a discount store. The prices are great and they take coupons. I found ground turkey there for $1.00 per pound!!! I bought 20 rolls. That should last for a while. (the next cheapest price in town is $1.99 per pound) I also found many great bargains and stocked up on a few things. Total spent there was $99.00.

The next was a chain grocery store and I focused on loss leaders and items that I had coupons for. Total spent there was $113.00. Coupons value was $19.20. Store card savings were $44.00.

Next was the drugstore to pick up picture prints. Walgreens had a buy 50, get 50 free deal. SoI sent 3 separate digital print orders. I had lots of pictures, on my computer, to be printed. I also ordered some doubles, so that I could make a gift scrapbook. Total spent $21.00, total saved $19.00.

At the dollar store, I just bought a few bags of candy for the candy jar and some beef jerky. Total spent $5.00.

This is enough to last us for many weeks. We are stocked up on meat, veggies, fruit and normal staples. I should only have to shop for fresh produce in the next month. I plan to buy produce at the farmers market, until my garden starts producing. I normally try to do one big shopping trip per month.

The freezers are full, the pantry is well stocked. All meals will be homemade every night. We are so blessed.

God is good!

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