Wednesday, July 27, 2011

coffee time

I love a good cup of coffee. Not in the morning. That's tea time. Early afternoon is coffee time.


There's something comforting and relaxing about going to a coffee shop. Ordering your coffee in a ceramic mug. Not a paper cup. Sitting back and reading the paper, a magazine or a good book. Working on your laptop or visiting with a friend or loved one is also a good choice.

Well, that can't happen everyday. So, you make coffee at home. Really good coffee is not good for the ole budget. I found a solution that works well for me. I buy the store brand coffee, when it goes on sale. I wait for coupons for the really good coffee, also on sale {the kind you need to grind yourself} and get the smallest package the coupon will allow. Hopefully, I have more than one coupon.

When I get home, I grind the beans of the good vanilla coffee. {yum} and mix it approximately half and half with the store brand coffee. This way, I get the tasty expensive coffee, but the pay the store brand price. This last time, I bought a 13 ounce can of coffee and a 1/2 pound of bulk coffee and spent less than $5.00. Since I only drink 1 cup per day, this will last for months! {I make a small pot and keep it in the fridge. I just reheat one cup at a time}

As I type this, I am enjoying a cup of coffee with a pizzelle cookie purchased at the farmer's market. I am using a beautiful mug given to me by my son. Awesome.

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