Wednesday, July 6, 2011


There are about 2 pounds of pinto beans simmering in the Crock Pot. After about 10 hours, those beans will become many yummy things. Tonight, they will become refried beans on top of fried corn tortillas. Yep, tostadas.

In the next few days, they will become baked beans, similar to pork and beans. Just without pork. (not a fan)

Some will be heated up with a little bit of cheese and salsa for a quick yummy lunch.

Later, they will show up in some soups.

There are so may ways to use pinto beans. They are very versatile. I found them for $.50 per pound. Yay!

After they cool, later tonight, I will put about a cup of beans into each Mason jar and then right into the freezer. This is so much cheaper than store bought refrieds and I can control the seasonings. If you freeze your beans, just remember to let them have enough time to thaw. Never thaw them in the microwave. Even thawing in some water could potentially crack your jars.

Next up, black beans. Same process, different day.