Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 wrap up

This blog has done wonders to help me stay accountable to my goals. Seeing my thoughts and hopes right here, on this page, have a way of keeping things real. I may not have achieved every goal, but I had fun. It was a good year. There were ups and downs. Good times and bad. Happiness and sadness. Same as most years.

I had a lot of fun with this blog. I learned so much. I'm hoping to blog more, and keep up with not only annual goals, but monthly ones as well.

Although we didn't reach our set debt reduction goals, we did pretty well. We are starting the new year with about $2000 in debt that we had hoped would've been eliminated. Our new goal? Tighten the budget and stick to it. Live well beneath our means. We can do this.

I failed in my quest to become healthier. I'm not extremely overweight, but I do want to be more fit. I would like to lose 5 pounds and be able to ride my bike for longer periods. I'd like to run up the stairs and not be winded! I'd like to increase my strength. I currently lack the discipline. I will work on this.

Discussing my sidebar goals:
2011 personal goals:

Pay extra on mortgage: $667.36 {goal- $1200} no excuse, we didn't make it
Pay student loans $13,204 {goal- $15,805} again, poor planning
Pay extra into savings $2330 {goal- $1200} made this!
Pay extra into IRA $440 {goal- $600} another failure

20 minute workout every day I will step this up, for certain!
eat out only once per month we did cut our eating out budget from the previous year!
expand veggie garden this was a success
preserve more foods from garden although I did lose my garden, in a summer storm, I was able to regrow and preserve some veggies!
spend more time with friends a success!
new grocery budget...$525.00 per month! this is still a challenge, but better than the $400 that I started the year with!
20 minute devos daily: this is still challenging. I admit that I don't take time for myself everyday. I need to prioritize. I have a new daily devotional that I will start today!
read the Bible in a year: a success! I finished with about an hour left in the year! ha ha

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