Friday, September 20, 2013

Ways I saved money last week:

* I had class all day and was too tired to cook. Family wanted take out. I went to Arby's with a coupon. I bought 4 sandwiches and 3 fries for $9.68. (saved $6.76 with the coupon) They were happy. I got to go home and just sit! ☺
* I went grocery shopping and spent $98, I saved $28 with coupons.
* I had planned to meet a friend for lunch, but she had to cancel. I saved the gas and the money I would've spent on lunch. {eating at home alone, not as fun but much cheaper!}
* all of these were free, with a coupon. Actual value $5.50

*These were free, after a buy 3 get three 3 coupon.

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