Wednesday, July 7, 2010

early school clothes shopping

We were in the mall and discovered that my son's favorite skate shop was having a clothing sale. Normally shirts go for $20-$30 each and pants/shorts can easliy cost $40 and up! We bought 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants for $80! That's an awesome deal. I know that in August that the clothes are not that cheap. We've looked before.

I usually hunt thrift stores to find his beloved skate shirts and usually find some at $2-$4 each.{they are a bit worn, but he likes them} I have even found some skate brand shorts for $7 each, but they didn't fit him. So, getting brand new clothes with the "right" logo on them has him pretty excited for high school to start! You have to look good your first year!


  1. That is great! I have been looking for skate shirts at our local thrift stores and have not had any luck. I have had some luck on ebay though.

  2. Why didn't I think of Ebay? Guess where I'm going next? he he