Friday, July 9, 2010

frugal ways to spend a summer day, with kids

So many of my kids' friends are going on vacation or to theme parks. We really try to avoid extra spending. I hate to use the term "staycation", but that's pretty much what we do. I keep all of my change,in a jar, and every summer we use that to go on one big adventure. Since I try to shop with cash only, the change can add up. The jar last summer was about $90! I have two jars, one for a summer adventure and one for a winter one. It really helps!

So for some ideas:
*go to a park {or in our case, a skatepark} and take a picnic
*go to the free movies or bowling- this year the "free" activities are actually costing about $1 per child, but still not too bad!
*go hiking, with a lunch
*go to city parks with fountains in the ground, this is cheaper than going swimming{free!} and the kids still get just as wet!
*play board games in front of the fan, with homemade treats
*laying in the shade with a book and some cool treats
*check your local library for free events, our actually sponsors free tickets to local museums!
*we like to go to Sonic between 2-4pm for drink happy hour. All drinks are half price. My kids love the slushies. You can ride your bike there, if you are close to one.
*you can't beat sports in the front yard, wait til it cools down a little, and run the sprinklers as well. You need to water anyway!
*most roller skating rinks have special deals
*you can go to the zoo, just buy a membership. It's usually about the same price as tickets for a family, but you can go all year!

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