Monday, July 5, 2010

What a weekend

The 4th of July was rained out. Not just a little sprinkle. It was a hard, angry, lightning and thunder filled rainstorm with tornado warnings. And flash flood warnings. No fireworks for us! Many places set off firework dispays on the third, but we wanted to go on the actual holiday. Silly us!

I have been picking raspberries in the garden today. Tomorrow, I will be making raspberry jam! Yum! I really need to get to harvesting the herbs soon. I plan to freeze many of them. I am still using basil that I froze last year! I have enough for maybe one or two more recipes. Not a bad harvest!

I have never canned, but I hope to learn this year. I'm very excited! We're going to the flea market this weekend. I will be looking for canning equipment, as well as many other items. I keep a running list of things I'd like to have as well as need. I then hit thrift stores or flea markets, to find the best deals. It takes patience to shop this way, but it saves so much money! Plus, it is so much fun to search. Almost like a game.

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