Monday, August 2, 2010

grocery shopping

My shopping budget is $300, which is what I take out of the bank. This method helps to keep me on track. I do shop at different stores and have found myself, at times, at the last store re-doing the list. There are times that I forget to write a price on my list end up going over budget at a store. {I used to use a calculator, but it would sometimes shut off, leaving me in a bind! Now, I use a price book and I just add as I go} I just don't get a few things at the last store, and I'm good! {photo of health food store purchases}

This is my shopping for the next two weeks:
1. grocery store: spent- $103.44 coupons-$17.44 food store: spent-$71.19 Coupons-$9.25

total spent $174.63, leaving $125.37.

I'm sure that I'll need more next week, as I always run out of something!

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