Monday, October 18, 2010

goodnight garden

I've been so busy getting the gardens ready for the winter. Yesterday, I harvested the potatoes and carrots. Surprise surprise...I found a few more raspberries and lavender. How those berries survived the chilly evenings, I will never know.

I'm really excited about more lavender. I plan to make sachets this Christmas. The lavender stalks are drying in my craft room. I don't need to tell you how lovely they smell! As soon as they are all dried, I will place the flowers into mason jars, until I have sewn the sachets. I hope the recipients enjoy them.

Today will be chilly and rainy so I will finish the garden tomorrow. I still have more herbs to harvest and 2 more beds to turn over. After we start mulching the leaves, they will be added to keep the beds warm!

Today is my birthday. I received a gift card and plan to hit the mall. I'm so excited since it is for a craft store and I just received a coupon in my email inbox. I plan to get blank cards so that I can get started on my Christmas cards. Starbucks sent me a coupon for a free birthday drink. Yum! I also have accumulated "Borders Bucks" at Borders, so I have a $5.00 credit there. I bought two books for a b-day gift 2 months ago {with a coupon}, so that's where the credits came from. I don't normally pay retail for my books. They also sent me a coupon, so I plan to use the coupon and credit to get a book for my son's Christmas gift. I should only end up paying about $4-$5. I also received a $10 coupon off of any $10 purchase at another retail shop. I plan to use that to get stocking stuffers for my daughter. So, for my birthday run to the mall, I'm hoping to get a few gifts and a cup of coffee and spend maybe $5! Here I go...


  1. Happy Birthday! We still haven't had a frost, so I don't know when we are going to put our garden to bed. I have never been able to garden after mid September before - I'm loving it!

  2. Thanks! I agree, this weather is crazy. I have put off cleaning the garden for too long. It's usually snowing here by now. I'm enjoying the late harvest! I'd better get this done before I push my luck too far!