Friday, October 22, 2010

grocery shopping and coupons

I read a few blogs and many of the authors post pictures of all of their groceries. I tried that, but since I shop maybe only twice per month it just isn't easy for me to do. {That's a lot of groceries at one time!} I did take a picture of the produce. Look how beautiful...

I have a monthly grocery budget. In the grocery category I include: health food purchases{we have dairy allergies, dairy free cheese is not cheap!}, toiletries, all food {even if it comes from the dollar store or Walmart it is still added in} and any paper goods like tissues and toilet paper. Since I make my own dog food, that is also included as groceries. I have a budget book where I log my totals to keep track.

I am a couponing addict! I will look anywhere for them. Sunday circulars, hidden in the newspapers, magazines, online and/or sending a request to the manufacturer. The newest resource is the grocery store itself. I can log onto their website and download coupons right onto my loyalty card! Did you know that you can combine those with paper coupons? I just did!

Today's shopping should last about 3 weeks. {longer for the stockpile items} Over all. I did go over budget by $7.24.

I spent $207.24. I matched my store's circular with my coupons and loyalty card coupons to get the best deals. My loyalty card savings were $48.86, which included a $10 savings for buying 10 certain items listed. {had a coupon for each item!} My paper and card coupons totaled $39.03, which included 2 BOGO coupons.

I think the best deal of the day {besides BOGO} would be on the V8 Fusion juice. It is normally $4.29 a bottle. It was on sale for $2.49 and I had $1 off coupons. I bought six. I spent $10.94 for $25.74 worth of juice. This will last for many weeks. My son loves the juice {getting fruits and veggies into him!} but the price usually prevents me from buying it. He will be pleased when he gets home.

Some coupon sites:
coupon pages
cool savings
mambo sprouts

Happy shopping!

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