Thursday, October 21, 2010

semi-home grown dinner.

I say "semi" since I purchased the main dish. The rest came from the garden!

Yummy home grown pears!

From the the oven!

It's awesome to go into your garden, dig up some potatoes and carrots, and then make dinner! Life is good. I am so blessed.

After scrubbing veggies and peeling carrots, I sliced them and put them in a large bowl. I added some olive oil, dried dill, garlic powder, fresh basil {from the freezer}, and a bit of a mixed seasoning mix. I mixed everything and baked at 425 until fork tender. {I didn't time it, but would guess it to be close to 25 minutes}

This was served with barbecued boneless pork ribs and sliced pears from our tree. {Since we still have such lovely weather, we must continue to use the grill!} So yummy!

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