Friday, November 12, 2010

My awesome grocery shopping trip

Yesterday was grocery shopping time. Since I only go maybe twice per month, I have plenty of time to prepare. Coupons are this girl's best friend on grocery day. I also watch the sales and combine the two.

This time I bought $104.53 worth of groceries
minus $37.90 when I handed the checker my store loyalty card
minus $20.50 in coupons I handed to her
minus $31.85 what was left on the gift card that my husband won at work
leaves $14.28 the actual amount I spent on groceries this week!

Oh. My. Goodness. I was so excited. You would've thought I had won the lottery!

{My hubby won a $50 Visa gift card at work, and we used some of it to eat out, as a treat.}

I am so happy to only deduct $14.28 from our November grocery budget! woo hoo

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