Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reasons why I blog and why I don't have ads

I started blogging just on whim. I said to my self "self- you have a lot of information that you can pass on to others." I agreed with myself and so the journey began. Personally, I really enjoy reading others' blogs. I enjoy the recipes, the frugal lessons, the personal stories and pictures. So, when I began I decided to not focus on one topic but rather blog about what ever I'm feeling or doing at the time.

It's like a diary, but the entire world can access it. I never dreamed that I'd have readers. How exciting that I have 3 people following my personal journey. It's humbling and fascinating to me. I just read my stats and discovered that I had 11 page views yesterday. Thank you to you. The ones that are reading what I have to say. I appreciate you. Please let me know your blog address and I will follow you as well!!!

Now, why I don't have ads: I know that for many people, a blog is a source of income. I have been asked why I don't have any ads on mine. I thought about this and decided that I really don't want a blog full of ads.

I know that is how income is generated. I get it. I just want a blog that I can have fun with. I can say what I want to say. If I don't like a product, I can say it. I had Adsense. I don't use some of the products that it advertised on my page. It went away. I am not a professional blogger. If I were, I would gladly have many ads. I am just a stay at home mom, talking to the world about my day.

I do have Swagbucks on my page. I can get points everytime someone clicks through it. I use Swagbucks and love the program. I think everyone should should join. It's really fun. {okay Swagbucks- give me lots of points for saying that! he he}

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