Thursday, November 18, 2010


I think that the best tool that I have is my ability to keep organized. It saves me so much time. I can easily find what I need and can get so much more done.

In the kitchen: I keep my cupboards and pantry organized. All like items are together. I have a running list, on the fridge, for the grocery store. {or home store etc} The list is separated by which store I usually buy the item from. Since I go a couple of times per month, I know exactly what I need, and there's no wondering if I forgot something. I make a menu plan for two weeks at a time. I don't plan ahead what I'll make each day. I just get up in the morning, and look at the menu. That's when I decide what to make that day.

For the household: I have a small checklist, of the chores I need to get done each week.{goal-have all done by Sunday night} I don't do a certain one on each day. The same as my menu, I just look at the list and decide what I feel like doing today. {he I really feel like cleaning.} I keep clutter to a minimum. Our home just looks so much cleaner this way. I also have a day planner to keep track of appointments or side projects that I need to do each day. When I see something around the house, that needs attention- it goes into the planner. I get to it when I can.

For bill paying: I have a spreadsheet that lists our bills, in order of due date. Since hubby is paid every two weeks, I organized our bills so I can pay them according to due dates. I try to have all bills paid at least a week in advance.

For Christmas shopping: I spoke of this previously, but I have a small spiral notebook that I keep track of wish lists for my family. Also in the book are the items that I've already purchased, along with the amount spent. I spend the same amount for every family member. I'm so excited to say that I've got a great start on my shopping. I've either used coupons on my purchases or found them on sale/clearance. Yay me!

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