Wednesday, January 19, 2011

to simplify the wardrobe....

As I was getting dressed recently, I discovered that I literally had nothing to wear. Well, nothing that would match, anyway. {laundry day} It occurred to me that I have too many tops that are multi colored. If I had more neutral, solid colored blouses, then I could easily mix and match.

My solution? Go through my closet and donate anything that can't easily be paired with at least 2 or more bottoms. {read: slacks, sweats, skirts, capris etc} I am left with solid colored blouses, solid colored pants and multi colored skirts.

I think the multi colored skirts will keep me from boredom. I also think it will be easier to get dressed if I have more matching items. I can get a coupon, for donating 2 bags of clothing, to the thrift store. If needed, I can go and get a couple more tops to balance this wardrobe out.

This change should also cut down on laundry, since I will have less articles of clothing.


  1. I did this too - whittled it down to jeans, black & gray & purple tops and black skirts & pants. I don't buy anything new that doesn't coordinate with those colors...

  2. So glad I'm not the only one. I recently had a friend ask if I wear anything other than dark colors. ha ha ha. My wardrobe must be boring to her. ☺ Thanks for the comment.☺