Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My coupons and the show "Extreme Couponing"

I didn't have a lot to buy this week, but did get a few things not on the list. The reason? They would be free, or close to free.

At Walgreens:
1 Thermacare $2.50
minus $1 coupon
= $1.50
minus $2.50 Register Rewards
= $1 profit! =)

2 Nescafe 7 pack Taster's Choice coffee packets 2 for $2
minus 2 $1 off of 1 coupons
= 2 packs for free!

at Walmart:
2 Yakisoba noodle bowls $0.54 each
minus 2 $0.50 off coupons
= $0.08 for 2!

3 Green Giant boxed veggies $1 each
minus 3 $0.50 off of 1 coupons
=$1.50 for 3

Not an "Extreme Couponing" day as per TLC's program, but I think that I did okay, considering that I only need eggs, cottage cheese and fruit.

I didn't watch the entire show, but saw snippets of it on TLC"s website. I was pretty shocked at one particular guy. He had over $30,000 of a stockpile in his garage. {I think that was the amount} He had enough deodorant to last many men for many lifetimes! I think that is bordering on a hoarding disorder! Seriously! I once bought 5 sticks of deodorant, because they were free after coupons. I kept 2 and donated 3 to the food bank. {They need these kinds of things!}

There's just a limit to what I put in my pantry stockpile. It has to be something that we will need or use. If I can get it for free, but won't use it, it gets donated. I don't have a cat, but will get the free cans of cat food, just to donate.

There was another couple on the show that first went to the store, wrote down all of the sales, and then went back to shop. They had 9 carts in the end. What did I see in the carts? 100 candy bars and a cart full of Gatorade. I just don't want 100 candy bars in my house. Not even if they are free!

Another woman did a great job with her shopping, she had one cart and spent about $6.00. {$230.00 before coupons} That is the kind of shopping that I do. I do not want so much stuff that I need to put it in my garage. I want to put my car into my garage!

I really think that some of these people should next be on the show "Hoarders"!


  1. I agree with the hoarding! I saw that program. I volunteer in a food/clothing bank. If we had half of that guys' haul, that he stores in his garage, we could take care of so many more families! He seems to have a greed issue! That's just my opinion!

  2. Well, it's a wonderful opinion. :0)
    Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.