Monday, January 17, 2011

why do I garden???

I was recently asked "why do you garden? Isn't it easier to just buy things from the store?"
Well I guess it would be easier. And cost more.

As I sit here on this fine Colorado January morning, I am looking through the garden catalogs that have been recently delivered. For breakfast, I will have yogurt with berries from my freezer. For lunch, I will have a salad that will include shredded beets and zucchini from the freezer. I will also have leftover soup made with veggies from the freezer. For a snack, I will have muffins made with fruit from the freezer. Dinner will include a spaghetti sauce made with veggies and herbs from the freezer. I guess all of the "hard, back breaking work" that I did last summer isnt so bad. My freezer is full of fruit from my trees and herbs and veggies from the garden. Do I need to go buy them? No. So I guess right now, it's "easier" for me to get produce right from the freezer. {and cheaper}

Why do I garden? I just love to.

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