Wednesday, February 9, 2011

shopping with a purpose

I am a "treasure hunting" addict. Okay, not really an addict, but I do enjoy the hunt.

Going into a thrift store, with my list in hand, and hunting for treasures is indeed a favorite pastime. I don't come home with every little thing that I find. Not at all. It would be very easy to go into a thrift store or even a yard sale, and come home with a lot of "crap"! Believe me, I've done it.

Lately, though I keep a list in my purse. I have a small daily planner {$1 at Dollar Tree} that I keep in my purse. Not only do I have my daily chores and to do list in there, I also keep a running list of items needed/wanted. This way, when I go on a "treasure hunt", I have a plan. It saves the budget as well as keeps our house relatively clutter free.

One example is a basketball net. I bought a "new" basketball hoop at a yard sale last summer. It was in great condition except for the net. I searched for 8 months. Last week I found one at Goodwill for less than $2. I was so excited to find this, I let out a little "whoo" right there in the store. Did people look at me. Oh yes, but tell me that don't get excited when they find a treasure!

Yes, it took awhile to find it, but I did and did not pay retail for the net. It takes patience to shop this way, but it does pay off in the end.

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