Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodbye Walmart

I have never been a person to boycott a company or organization. I must say that I am ready to start.

I have been going to Walmart for about 20 years. I hear all of the propaganda and negative comments on the company as a whole. As previously stated, I don't normally buy into that.

Recently I have come to see Walmart as it truly is. The rose colored glasses have come off!

I have been hassled, at the check stand, for using my own bags. I literally had a woman come unglued, saying that I was slowing her productivity by bringing my own bags. Well, then!

I have been hassled over coupons. I am very careful to make sure that I have the correct product for each coupon. I have had checkers tell me that I didn't buy an item, only to have me dig through my cart and show the that I indeed did buy the correct item.

I have had rude checkers and/or employees.

Today was the clincher. I had three free coupons. Not printed from the internet. They all came straight from the manufacturer. With a seal and all. She said that Walmart no longer takes free coupons! Say what??!! She was not pleasant about it either. She treated me like a known felon. For free coupons. Wow! I dug through my cart and removed those items.

I told her I wouldn't be back. I don't think that she cared. Approximately once a week for 20 years is alot of time wasted in Walmart.

Hello Target!!!!!


  1. I am with ya girl! We have stepped away from walmart, tho I'll admit I still stop in there every once in a while for something our little mom and pop store doesn't carry. I'm ready to quit even that, and just do my shopping at dollar general or shop online. I can't believe they were so rude.


  2. Thanks for the comment Sara! I buy applesauce, apple juice and All You magazine there. They have the lowest prices on the apple products and no one else carries the magazine. It's going to be an adjustment. I'm just so tired of having checkers treat me like an idiot.

    The staff at Target is so nice and I don't get a headache on my way to the check out line there. I just know, at Walmart, that I'm going to be hassled.

    There was one lady, at Walmart, that was so nice and helpful. I haven't seen her for years. too bad. I would wait in a long line, just to get her!