Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to have a happy, simple life

In my previous life {prior to my quest for a simple life} I was so stressed out, I was actually being treated for physical ailments! I let myself get so frazzled, that I needed medical care and medication. That sucked! It was time for a change.

I have a few tips:

*start a gratitude journal. You don't have to write in it every day, just when you feel overwhelming gratitude about something/someone.
*take time to just sit. Listen to nature, birds,kids laughter, the washing machine...whatever. Just still your mind and relax.
*bake more. There's nothing better than your family coming home and seeing/smelling something yummy and homemade!
*grow your own veggies and/or herbs. Imagine running out of basil. No worries, just walk outside and snip some. Easy.
*read your Bible and make time for daily devos.
*spend time with loved ones. Really engage in an activity with them. Don't iron while your kids talk. Sit down and listen. The iron won't go anywhere.
*exercise. You will relieve so much stress simply by walking.
*eliminate debt. And don't create new debt.
*smile more. Frown less.
*clip coupons. Write a budget.
*take time to plan your menu. Follow your grocery budget.
*build your savings. Also your retirement.
*get a hammock. Schedule time to lay in it. {mine just broke, must go to the flea market and find another}
*do not let hate, greed or envy in your life. Avoid gossip.
*be good to whomever you encounter. Donate whatever you have available.{money, goods, time}

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