Wednesday, December 21, 2011

finishing my Christmas crafts

As promised, here are the final pictures of the gifts that I made for Christmas.

Firstly, these are the supplies for candle making. I saved baby food jars this year, planning to make candles. I already had a glass measuring cup {from the thrift store, of course}. I purchased wicks, coloring and wax over the last few months, using coupons. I found the scent in a clearance bin at Michaels and I used chopsticks and popcicle sticks to hold the wicks steady. I spray painted the lids with paint also bought with a coupon.{no big surprise there!}

This is the finished product. The candles and soap look so pretty together. The candle is scented with mulberry and the soap is lavender. They will go into baskets along with baked breads. {banana and zucchini}

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