Thursday, December 22, 2011

new budget

Since we basically failed on our current year budget, we are going to have a budget meeting and re plan! As previously discussed, we are going to be short of our 2011 debt repayment goal. It's a bit of a bummer, but with patience, discussion and prayer I think we will get back on track. I will most likely get to keep my part time seasonal job, so that will help.

We are going to add in an allowance for both of us. We are going to discuss what amount that should be. I kept track of all expenses this past year, so we will use that as a guide. We will use an envelope for this same as all other expenses.

For me- I plan on requesting $50 per month. This will include: $20 for hobbies and crafts, $20 for treasure hunting and/or buying used books and $10 for any fast food or coffee cravings. {yes, I make coffee at home, but sometimes I get together with friends and have breakfast or coffee. I don't want to miss out on that} If I come across something that I really want, it would come out of my allowance, which means I would need to readjust my totals. If I really want a pair of shoes, then there won't be any crafting this month etc. {I go to monthly scrapbooking crops that cost $8 to just to be there} We can do this!

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