Friday, December 23, 2011

Scary, scary morning

I'm in the kitchen, getting ready to bake banana bread. I have 3 pounds of overripe bananas and I'm ready to use them. Then, I started to smell something burning. It smelled like a rug that's been in the dryer too long, please don't ask how I know that smell. Okay, I confess, I melted a rug in the dryer. Anyway, it smelled like that times 10. I searched and searched. I felt walls and got the fire extinguisher. I searched the attic and all rooms. I only smelled it in the kitchen.

Turns out there was a wire melting in our electrical panel. I called hubby and fell to my knees to pray. Oh, please Lord, save our home. Please let us be okay. Then I thanked God that my kids weren't home alone. Would they know what to do? I think I'd better make sure that they do.

Hubby's home now, the power is off and we are awaiting the arrival of the electrician. (yes, it's 23 degrees outside) Could it have caught fire? I don't know, but I do know that the electric panel door was really hot!

I'm praying for a happy ending.

I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas! (especially my kiddos!)


  1. Oh dear!! I am glad all are safe! I wish you have a peaceful, Merry Christmas with no more surprises (except the good kind).

  2. Thank you, it was a wonderful Christmas!