Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 recap

To follow up on my sidebar goals...
2011 personal goals:

Pay extra on mortgage: goal ($1200) $667.36 poor planning and over spending prevented this
Pay student loans goal ($15,636) $13,073 and this from happening
Pay extra into savings $2330 {goal- $1200} got it!
Pay extra into IRA $440 {goal- $600} so close...
20 minute workout every day I will get this this year!
eat out only once per month we did spend less than the previous year!
expand veggie garden done!
preserve more foods from garden even though we lost the garden in a storm, I was able to replant and harvest some!
spend more time with friends did this!
new grocery budget...$525.00 per month! This remains a challenge, but it is far better than the $400 that I started the year out with!
20 minute devos daily: I need to prioritize and make time for myself daily, I am starting a new daily devotional today. I can do this!
read the Bible in a year: I finished with just about an hour to spare in the year!! Yay me!

I have really enjoyed this blog. I love how it makes you accountable. Someone is going to read your goals and wonder how you are doing. Its so awesome when someone comments. That makes my day.

I plan to work up new goals for the year and I think I will try to have monthy goals as well. I will try to post a few times per week. I love reading blogs, but can confess to not making time for my own.

I plan to increase my health. I want to lose those stubborn 5 pounds and increase my energy. I want to run up those stairs or ride my bike without being too winded! I can do this!

Happy New Year!

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