Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ways I saved money this week...

There are so many ways to save money. Use coupons, shop around, reuse items, repair items or maybe even don't spend money at all.

These are some of the ways that I saved money this past week:

*I was so sick and wanted to just pick up dinner somewhere, but I made dinner!
*I was so tired after work, and wanted to order out, but I made dinner!
*I used up end bread pieces and buns, in place of making/buying rolls for dinner
*I made my lunch, on the two days that I worked, instead of buying lunch
*Instead of buying glass stove top cleaner, I used baking soda and vinegar. It looks like new!
*I was tempted to order a magazine subscription, but checked to see if my library carries it. They do!
*I need new dark pants for work, but I am going to wait until Monday. The thrift stores are having 50%
off sales for the holiday.
*I didn't do any shopping this week. I received a bunch of email ads as well as print ads and I didn't even look at them.
What I don't know about won't hurt me! Every little bit of saving adds up!

Ways I didn't save money? Major vet bills. Bummer.

We are almost halfway through the month. We are over budget on pet expenses, but under budget on everything else! I'll take it!

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