Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Checking in

There are 13 days left in the month. That would make me over halfway through my budget. As part of my accountability, I will share where I am as of today.

All bills due the first half of the month were paid in full and on time.

For variable expenses:

grocery: I have my menu plans for the next 3 weeks, and just went shopping for all necessary ingredients. I have $117.30 left in my envelope. Yay!

Clothing: I've bought socks for the kiddo and a pair of pants for me. Total spent $15.56, I have $24.44 left.

Pets: we've had a very sick dog. We are way over our $200 budget. We've spent $617 so far.

My blow money: I've spent $14.08 so far. That leaves me $35.92.

Entertainment: we went bowling! That was fun we budget $40 a month. Bowling cost $35.96. Under budget!

Eating out: we've spent $48.98 of our $50 budgeted amount.

Hubby has spent $16.86 of his blow money.

And we are at $58.53 of budgeted $100 for misc expenses.

So, we are pretty much done eating out and going places for the month. That's okay, we have library DVDs and popcorn.

With the exception of vet bills, we are right on target. It has been a long time since I've been able to say that. This feels good!

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