Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh, hello there!

Where on Earth have I been? I have been so busy with life, I just didn't have time for the Internet. I have just a few minutes and just decided to stop by. How have you been, blogging world? I haven't even read any of my favorite blogs. I really need to catch up on everyone's lives! As for me: I have paid all consumer debt and only owe the mortgage. I have potatoes, beans, herbs and berry bushes planted. I have been going to the gym and am feeling stronger. I have blown my grocery budget for the past 3 months. I still work part time. We have leftovers and sandwiches at least once per week. I am so tired and worn out that some days I want to cry. I've decided that it's time to replace my car and am saving and researching. I plan to get my budget back under control. I went to the grocery store yesterday and came in under budget by $7! I saved $17 with coupons. Today I will plan my menu for the next two weeks. I feel like getting back on track and it makes me happy. Time to prioritize and get my life back. Let the dust accumulate. I need this. I will be back, better than ever!


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  2. Sounds like you've been busy! And good job on the debt being paid off!!

  3. Yay for feeling the heavy oppression of debt easing! Good for you. Nice to hear from you again. I haven't dared plant anything outside yet, but my seedlings are going strong and I'm hardening off beans and squash. Oh it's a battle at this altitude!