Monday, September 9, 2013

Coupon savings so far

While I am in no way an "extreme couponer", I do love to use coupons. There's nothing better than saving money! I keep track of my monthly savings, in an effort to beat the previous years' total saved. A personal challenge. When I beat it, I high five myself! LOL

In 2010, I saved $1,053.92

In 2011, I saved $1,656.51

In 2012, I saved $1,468.99 (didn't improve that year, sadly)

These are my totals so far:

Jan $213.21

Feb $79.90

Mar $131.50

Apr $78.62

May $162.81

Jun $99.35

Jul $174.51

Aug $162.10

Total so far: $1,102.00

I don't count savings from store loyalty cards, only coupons that I've clipped or loaded onto my grocery card. (ecoupons)

I count not only grocery coupons but retail, eating out, auto, entertainment etc. (Anything that I clip or add to my coupon binder) I think I'm on track to beat last years' total! Sweet!!

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